Another Efficient Tea: Honeybush

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Honeybush is another excellent tea from Africa, like Rooibos, it is caffine-free and low in tannins. The taste is sweet with notes of apricot. It contains a high amounts of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is traditionally used to treat coughs. This can be explained in part, by its content of pinitol, a […]

Metaeffective Tea: Rooibos Red Tea

Rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) is a red tea grown the mountainous Cedarberg area north of Cape Town in South Africa. During the summer months the Rooibos plants are harvested, fermented and dried in the sun. The sun induces the change from verdant green to the mahogany red of Rooibos tea. The slightly sweet tea is free […]

Metaefficient Hardwood Substitute: Eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus is a very inexpensive hardwood and is comparable to teak or cherry in its strength and durability. Eucalyptus, however, grows quickly and can be sustainably harvested on plantations. Its density, straight grain, smooth finish, and honey color make it an excellent choice for flooring and outdoor furniture. Creative Woodwork International makes folding, transforming, outdoor […]