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  1. mikey

    I read the diatribe set forth in Sunset Magazine about the waterless urinal.
    I am quite sure the design is flawless , but the copy seems to lead me to believe that I need to be transported through a portal of pee, to reach nirvana , ….”hold on a second , honey, i’m about to embark on a ethereal trip of gracious I pass through the portal of pee”………… WTF? ..hire a better ad agency and copy write people. I mean really,can it truly be gracious living, if it only serves one sex??
    Gracious living filled with beauty , generosity,self fulfillment and environmental conciousness can only be attained if both kinds of pee are represented.
    Otherwise it’s just another guy pissing in a urinal, and he really does’nt care at that moment.
    I guess since I’m not an artist with a discerning eye for exquisite detail of places to comment does not matter. I’m just a regular guy with a good job, I recognize good products, but don’t represent them as the only solution to a problem that does not exist.

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