The Best 12V Solar Battery Chargers

Brunton Solaris 26

Note: This post on 12V Solar Battery Chargers has been updated for 2010. Solar cells really shine at charging your batteries at remote location or on a boat. They are also useful for maintaining a charge on a 12V battery, such as a car battery. The best (and most expensive) solar battery chargers are flexible, […]

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The Three Fundamental Flaws Of The Modern Toilet

A Comparison Of The Squatting Position and the Seated Position

My unwinking, analytical gaze of efficiency now turns to the toilet. Unfortunately, the design of the modern Western toilet is highly inefficient, in fact, it is so inefficient that it is actually harming our health. The modern toilet has only been around for about 150 years — the “porcelain throne” was created to “give dignity” […]

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