nbgh.jpgIt’s a lock with a password instead of a number. Because there are only 10 letters per ring, you are limited to a mere 1,000 dictionary words and names, anything from ALIEN and CHILI to SALSA and SARAH. The combination can be reset at any time. Available from Staples for about $6.

Via: Book of Joe


  1. Jen Minnich says

    If the combination is lost and forgotten, how can it be remembered. Or how can we open it to reset it?

  2. Tim says

    I guess like any lock, if you loose the key, or forget the combination it cannot be opened. But with a Word Password we humans all have a better chance of remembering it than trying to remember 3-17-42. I like the idea of using words or letter combinations, they are so much easier to remember. And this lets me choose from 100,000 letter combinations.
    I really like this product, because I can set it myself to a word I can remember.

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