Danko Persing: Gotham Stackable Chair and Lounge Chair


These chairs are made from bent maple plywood, using a technique
that consumes 1/8 of the wood normally used in construction.

The seats are webbed with recycled automobile seatbelt material. As you might
expect, this material is extremely strong and does not sag.

Danko produces
a range of similarly designed furniture in their Pennsylvania workshop.

Table Set

Designer: Peter Danko
Website: PeterDanko.Com


  1. Julia Harlow says

    Hello – I am interested in your Gotham Stackable Chair. Is it available in blue or navy? I would be interested in purchasing several, perhaps 10-15. What is the price, please, and projected delivery time? Thank you. JH

  2. Margaret Ballonoff says

    I am interested in purchasing Gotham Stackable Chairs.

    What is the price and the projected delivery time? What strap colors are available?

    Thank you. MB

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