Beneficial T’s by Patagonia: Metaefficient

Patagonia Beneficial T'sIn addition to their online store, Patagonia has a separate web site where they sell organic cotton T-shirts called Beneficial T’s wholesale to other retailers. Beneficial T’s are made with benign dyes and bleaches, and sustainble farming practices.

Retailers like Grassroots Natural Goods are thus able to offer organic cotton shirts for around $10 (short sleeve) or $16 (long sleeve).

In the early 1990s, Yvon Chouinard, owner and founder of Patagonia Inc. went on a farm tour of California’s Central Valley. He saw the destruction that conventional cotton farming wrought on the environment. In 1994 he made the decision to switch the entire Patagonia product line to organic cotton.

There were few companies using organic cotton at that time and Patagonia wanted to increase the demand for organic cotton so that more of it was grown. They started a T-shirt division that would produce Patagonia’s T-shirts as well as sell wholesale quantities to any group who wanted organic cotton T-shirts.

Available from: Grassroots Natural Goods

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