Icebreaker: Efficient Wool T-Shirts For Warm Weather


Icebreaker, a New Zealand company, is proving that wool can be worn in warm weather. They have released a new line of  “ultra-fine” merino wool T-shirts.  I’ve been testing their Tech T Lite while biking, it has performed quite admirably in the heat — it keeps you cool, and retains less odor than a cotton shirt. I am prone to be aggravated by materials that make you itch – but I didn’t find Icebreaker’s merino wool itchy. Icebreaker now has a entire range of men’s and women’s summer clothing.

Merino wool is a sustainable material, and Icebreaker is launching a garment traceability program called BAACODE that will allow consumers access to the company’s sustainable and ethical practices through-out their entire supply chain. BAACODE will also track individual garments back to the New Zealand merino station where the wool was procured.


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    I wore several of a different brand of these very thing merino wool shirts to keep warm this winter. Nature is often a good supplier of efficient things — the trick is how to utilize it well, no?

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