The Greenest Desktop Computers Of 2008

Lenovo Thinkcentre Eco

At MetaEfficient I’ve been waiting for years to review some exciting green computers, and now finally in 2008, we’ve seen the introduction of some truly green PCs. Although the components of green PCs cost about 10% more than regular PCs, they retail for about the same price. You can jump ahead and see our list […]

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The Zonbu: A Green, Efficient PC

The Zonbu is a new, very energy efficient PC. The Zonbu consumes just one third of the power of a typical light bulb. The device runs the Linux operating system using a 1.2 gigahertz processor and 512 meg of RAM. It also contains no moving parts, and does even contain a fan. You can get […]

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NEC Powermate Eco

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The “PowerMate Eco” is still the only “green” computer available in the U.S. Alas, NEC does not have a computer “take back” recycling program in the U.S. NEC brought Powermate Eco out in 2002, and it is still available from various retailers. The PC was built with non-toxicity and energy efficiency in mind. Its flat-panel […]

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