Evaders: High Performance Electric Bikes

Evader Electric Motorbike: Bike, E-Bike, Electric Scooter

It is good to see these kinds of electric bikes available in the U.S.
at a reasonable price ($999 for the model above). The noise level is
less than 55
, which is about as loud as falling rain. These
bikes are street legal and can go up to 45 miles per charge. Thanks
to Eric for the tip.

Motor: DC brush 1,000 watt, 48 volt
Max Speed: 30mph (
Charging Time: Initial charge 12h. Subsequent charges 2-8h

Home Page: Evader.Us


  1. Erik Johnson says

    Their website, evadermotorsports.com gives the list price as $2499 -I don’t know where you got the $999 price from.

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