Radiant Flooring Is Sexy

Radiant flooring has been in use since the days of the Roman Empire when they channeled hot air under the floors of their villas. Basically, radiant systems heat an entire room evenly — not just in localized spots. It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy […]

Tatami Goza Mats: Natural, Durable, Sustainable

Tatami Goza Mats from Japan are an interesting, natural addition to a room. They are made of sustainably-harvested rushes. Each tatami mat contains around 4,000 to 5,000 rushes. Hemp or cotton cord is then used to weave the rushes together. The mats are especially good for children’s play rooms and bedrooms because they are long-lasting […]

Eco Decking Tiles That Snap Together

These decking tiles snap together without the need for screws, nails or glue, to create a deck or walkway. The tiles are made with Bolivian Ipe wood, which is suited to outdoors use, naturally resisting mold and decay. The Ipe wood is harvested according to strict environmental standards, according the manufacturer, Eco Wood International. They […]

Expanko: Regenerative Flooring

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Expanko makes flooring out of two regenerative materials: cork and rubber. They also make a unique product which combines both cork and rubber, called XCR3, an example of which is pictured here. To produce cork flooring, virgin cork bark and cork waste from the manufacturing of other cork products is recycled and ground into small […]