New Mexican Pinon Coffee

food_coffee_14.jpgYou can get a taste of the high desert in your morning cup with this Pinon Coffee. The Pinon nut brings life to the New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company of Albuquerque. They use a roasting combination that includes a five-bean blend of high-altitude Arabica coffee along with bushels of Pinon nuts. Finding the nuts is unpredictable (pinon trees give good harvests only every 7 years or so), they are harvested each fall by hand (mostly by freelance Navajo pickers). More information: New Mexican Pinon Coffee


  1. Reactual says

    Its efficient in that it’s organic, and supports the local people who harvest it in New Mexico.

  2. Lars Kellogg-Stedman says

    That’s what I was missing — the product page doesn’t mention whether or not the coffee is organic, nor does it have anything else to say about how the coffee is farmed.

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