Ikea “Tunhem”


Renewable raw material (wood fibers and wood).
The product is tested for formaldehyde according to European standard.
Possible to separate for material or energy recovery.

Available from Ikea: Tunhem ($99)


  1. Rich says

    Love this bookshelf. Shelves are light but very strong — they don’t bend even when full of books. Wood looks great. Fantastic value.

  2. Anonymous says

    Anyone use this with vinyl records? They are heavier than books…wondering if it would work with them stacked all across.

    • Zoltan says

      I know that my answer is a bit late, but anyway: I used to store my vinyl records on the lowermost shelf of my Tunhem, and it did not bend at all during 5 or 6 years while they were stacked there. So I must agree with Rich: fantastic value, works very well.

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