Vivavi: “Rock-n-Roll” Bookshelves

These unusual bookshelves are manufactured from recycled "paperboard" — a special kind of cardboard that is strong yet pliant. Each paperboard roll is lined with heavy-duty Velcro. This allows for modular assembling and disassembling of the shelves. Designer: Sergej Gerasimenko Website: Vivavi Price: $195.00

Baltix Furniture: “Eco-Buzz” Partitions

Baltix makes office furniture out of materials such as sunflower hulls, wheat strands and recycled newspaper. Based in Minnesota, Baltix is positioned close to the source of the agricultural fiber they use, reducing energy used in transportation. The partition pictured above is built with sunflower board paneling. The hulls were previously burned as waste. Baltix uses urethane for bonding the …

AZCAST: 5 Star Glass Table Set

AZCAST creates furniture from recycled sand-cast aluminum. The aluminum, which comes from used aircraft parts (among other sources) is hand-poured into casts to produce the desired moldings. AZCAST is now starting to utilize recycled glass and plastic in their designs. Designer: Eyreick Williamson Website: Azcast.Com

Levy Design: Side Chair

This chair, designed by Josh Levy, and inspired by the earlier works of Frank Gehry, is constructed with recycled corrugated fiberboard. The surface is soft and brushed to feel like suede. Corrugated fiberboard consists of linerboard (the flat exterior) and flute (arched and sandwiched in between). When the two are adhered together, they resist bending from all directions. Designer: Josh …