Aquastar 125HX

Aquastar tankless water heaters cut energy costs, because the heat the water as it is needed. These heaters are designed
so that all parts are replaceable.

Alexander Rose, who has used and reviewed this heaters says:

There is a whole Aquastar line from large ones for multi shower households, to the smaller ones like mine. Some are made to work in line with solar radiant heating, some with propane, some with natural gas. I really like the HX model because it works with no outside power source or pilot for ignition, making it very efficient, safe and reliable. They cost more than standard water heaters (mine was $550) but they pay for themselves fast in power bills since you don’t have to keep a large tank of water heated all the time; you only make hot water exactly when you need it.

Aquastar heaters can be bought with a hydro-generated ignition system that requires no pilot, batteries or electricity and saves energy over a standing pilot system.

Except for the ignition system, the 125HX(hydro-ignition) is the same as the 125B(standing pilot).

These heater have a 2
year warranty with 10 year warranty on heat exchanger.

Purchase from: TanklessWater.Com ($564)

Here is a review of this heater.

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