Plyfold Containers: Trans-Meta-Effective

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These folding containers, can be made flat for travel or storage, and then refolded into three-dimensional containers. Made with recycled leather and Climatex® Lifecycle™ Felt, the containers are completely biodegradable. Climatex® Lifecycle™ Felt is made of discarded scraps from weaving factories. It can be used as upholstery interlining, felt coasters or felt slippers and as […]

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Metaefficient: Bamboo Cutting Boards

These are excellent cutting boards made in Bali — they look and smell great. The bamboo is pressed seemlessly together with food-grade glue to create an extremely durable cutting surface. They are never dyed or stained. You get two cutting boards for under $25 — quite metaefficient and sustainable. Available from: Costco for $20 or […]

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More Efficient Ceramics by Heath

Ceramics are a renewable material, and are generally an eco-effective choice over materials such as plastics. Treehugger points out that HeathCeramics use only half the energy to create their ceramics because they only fire them once and use matt glazes, which do not contain the questionable materials in some glazes. Home Page: Heath Ceramics Available […]

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