Top Rated Microwaves

The current top-rated microwaves are the “GE Profile Countertop Microwave JE1860″ and the “Panasonic Genius NN-T993“. They are recommended based on their size, features and power output (see the review links below).

The GE model costs around $170 and the Panasonic costs around $120. The Panasonic has slightly larger cooking space, and has a stainless steel finish. The GE JE1860 can also be purchased with a stainless steel finish for an additional $50.

Microwaves Reviews: GE Profile Countertop Microwave JE1860
Recommended by: Consumer Reports (subscription req.), Good Housekeeping, RateItAll

Available from: Amazon.

Microwaves Reviews: Panasonic Genius NN-T993

Recommended by: Choice (subscription req.), Popular Mechanics

Available from: Amazon


  1. zal says

    there is a lot of controversy about microwaves. It’s obviously creates an electro-magnetic field , and for sure it has some effect on us. It drains energy. maybe we don’t feel and not aware, but the microwaves do have an impact on our body, organs and brain. So, better not to use it at all, or at least to a minimum, to warm up something that otherwise would take much more time. When not using, unplug the bastard.

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