Wind-Up LED Camp Lantern

This lantern is said to have a very efficient wind-up mechanism. Apparently, you can get thirty minutes of ambient light from a minute’s worth of winding. The light can be placed on a flat surface, or hung up using the recessed loop. You can also charge it via a 12V car socket. Available from I Want One Of Those (£19.95). …

Multi-Fuel Lantern: Britelyt

This Britelyt lantern is a versatile lantern, which is able to burn no less than seven types of fuel, including biodiesel. The approved fuel types are: kerosene, biodiesel, diesel, gasoline, mineral spirits, charcoal lighter fluid and lamp oils. It’s made by Petromax who’ve been building these lantern since the 1920s. The lantern can also be fitted with a stove adapter.

SolarLED: Rechargeable Solar Lantern

This system features a flexible solar panel, a fluorescent lantern, and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 hours. Best Price: $39.95 (SurplusLED.COM)