LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are efficient — they use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are also brighter, less prone to breaking, and cool to the touch.

Less optimal is the fact that almost all Christmas lights are made in China using questionable labor practices, and then transported half way around the world.


LED Christmas Lights

You can find LED Christmas lights at Amazon. You can also find some snowflake-shaped and color-changing Christmas LEDs from Environmental Bulbs.


  1. Mark says

    This is a great idea BUT the LED holiday lights I’ve seen in the store flicker at 60 Hz. (maybe a different brand, but I suspect they all have this issue) You don’t notice it when you look dead on, but it’s very noticable when you move your head or see them out of the corner of your eye. It’s too bad. A simple fix would be for them to include a few capaciters, which are cheap, to smooth out the voltage.

  2. Bruce Arkwright, Jr. says

    These do not flicker, must have full wave rectifiers in it. My problem with this set is that the bulbs are fused solid to the wire, thus you can never replace the bulbs, thus you must throw out the whole string if only one burns out. I bought two sets one burned out after one week. You only get one year warranty so if they do not work during the second christmas you are screwed. I consider this set a bad buy and more waste for the landfill, something I was trying to avoid.

  3. says

    LED lighting, solid state lighting, uses up to 1/10Th the electricity of conventional forms of illumination and will last up to 50 times longer. LED lighting is safe, produces little or no heat, and is instant on at full brightness.No mercury, ultra-violet light, or hazardous materials being brought into your home and ultimately impacting our environment in landfills. My friend once by From OKLEDLIGHTS.COM,they are good products and service ,may be you can look some there .

  4. says

    I am a strong lover of LED light bulbs and replacement lamps, but they are sadly just not advanced enough yet for normal use. I use them in my living room as accent lights, but that is about all they are good for yet. For normal lighting I am using the CFLs and seeing large energy savings. Cant wait to see the LEDs become mainstream.

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