New High Power LED Floor Lamps

I-Tower LED Floor Lamp

Koncept has released a new series of their I-Tower LED floor lamps. It’s good to see LED floor lamps becoming widely available. These lamps use the latest generation of high-power LEDs, which means they are brighter than the older I-Tower lamps, but they actually uses less power (8.8 watts). There are two models: a daylight version (~5500 Kelvin) and a warm white version (~3500 Kelvin). The lamps have a built-in 4 step dimmer. Koncept says the lifespan of these lamps is “at least 40,000 operating hours”. They are available fromĀ Amazon for $195.


  1. Jason Daida says

    The Amazon price of $154 looks to be for Koncept’s older LED Floor lamp. The new high-power model (i-Tower High Power LED Floor Lamp) lists at Koncept for $199.95.

    Reply From Editor: Thanks for the note, I’ve updated the link to go to the correct lamp.

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