Portable, Motion-Detecting LED Lights

by Justin Thomas •

B0009GVPSQ.01-A205TXU8DZ488D._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgPortable, motion-detecting LED lights are an efficient way to light rooms at night for a few minutes. This portable light from Maxxima, turns on when you enter a room in the dark (similar to motion-detecting outdoor lights), then turns off after 30 seconds of non-motion.

It runs on four AA batteries (we suggest using NIMH rechargeables), and should last about two years before the batteries need to be replaced.

It has a light sensor to make sure it doesn’t turn on during the day. These are useful in a on-suite bathroom or other places you venture in the house at night. It glows with a soft bluish light — enough illumination to complete a task. They can also be used as a reading lights, or during a power failure. These are priced around $15.

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  1. Hank Roberts

    I’ve used rechargeable alkalines, and
    my experience is that they do leak fairly fast if you recharge them a few times
    (the recharging process eats away a bit of the casing each time) — and that’s with a slow pulse charger like KK describes. It does work, but take them OUT each time you’re done using the device. Not for standby applications.

    Eneloop and similar long-lasting NiMH should work better than standard ones in this kind of application.

    Don’t leave them IN anything

  2. Andy

    Maybe I’m way off on this, but it’s my understanding that a NiMH battery’s charge has a shelf life on the order of a few months, whereas alkalines can sit stably for years and years.

    In other news, I’m looking into recharging regular alkaline batteries for my low-draw or infrequently used devices (remote controls, flashlights). Here’s one posted on Kevin Kelly’s CoolTools:

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