MP3 Boombox

This MP3 playing boombox stores 256MB of music. It connects to a computer via USB, and includes a headphone socket, alarm clock feature (wake up to music), FM radio, and travel pouch. Update: We’ve heard this MP3 player has poor sound quality. Available from: JR.Com ($149.99)

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An Efficient Portable Amplifier: The Boostaroo

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The Boostaroo is a pocket-size portable amplifier for your earphones. It amplifies the sound coming out of your iPod or MP3 player by 100%. I’ve tested this device, and it certainly does amplify quite well, and two AA batteries it uses last for weeks. It also functions as a splitter and allows you to share […]

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Pendant-Style MP3 Players: The Most Portable Music Machines

Sony has released what it claims is the smallest pendant-style mp3 player: Sony AD-EMPZ. It weights less than half an ounce and has 256MB memory (8 hours of playback). It runs on a rechargeable battery and costs $184. The Aiwa Flush also has 256MB and can play for up to 11 hours, using AAA batteries. […]

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