Looolo Cushions and Blankets

c_neat_pic.jpgLooolo is one of a handful of innovative companies whose production methods are 100% sustainable. Thus the name Looolo is a visual representation of 100%. They create modern cushions and blankets using methods that have zero environmental impact. Here’s how they achieve that: all the materials used in manufacture are organic (organic buckwheat and cotton for example) and these are dyed with water-based, non-toxic dyes.

It took 5 years to develop the dyes used for the Looolo Textile line. The Climatex Lifecycle yarns are free of all toxic chemicals, yet are still available in a full range of colours.

For their printed material they use water-based inks, recycled paper stock and FSC (forestry stuardship council) approved paper products.

The company is a model of sustainability. There’s no excuse to have cushions stuffed with polyurethane foam.


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