Looolo Cushions and Blankets

Looolo is one of a handful of innovative companies whose production methods are 100% sustainable. Thus the name Looolo is a visual representation of 100%. They create modern cushions and blankets using methods that have zero environmental impact. Here’s how they achieve that: all the materials used in manufacture are organic (organic buckwheat and cotton […]

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Seaweed Clothing and Bedding: SeaCell

Want a bit of the ocean in your clothing or in your bed? Seacell is a fabric made out of Lyocell (a 100% wood pulp fiber) and seaweed. The theory is that your skin will absorb nutrients from the seaweed, which is quite mineral- and vitamin-rich. From what I can gather, Seacell incorporates 5% seaweed […]

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Unbleached, Naturally Processed Sheets

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Sheets like ones featured here are the healthiest sheets available. Natural dyes are used for coloring, and the sheets finished without chemical softeners or chlorine. They are made from 100% organic cotton. Since you come in contact with sheets every night, minimizing chemical residues in your sheets is quite beneficial. Available from: Real Goods ($25-$65)

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