Recycled Steel Fire Pit

firepit_02.jpgHere’s another recycled creation from John T. Unger — it’s a fire pit made of 100% recycled steel, called the Great Bowl O’ Fire. The piece is a bit of a visual pun, because it is hand cut with a torch from decommissioned propane tanks! The heavy steel of the pit actually radiates heat like a wood stove. John also makes matching torches.


  1. says

    People Are Talking, People Are Buying Too

    Two new reviews came in this morning for the Great Bowl O’ Fire. This brings us up to 20 reviews and links, not counting discussion lists etc. Wow. Check Recycled Steel Fire Pit: by MetaEfficient out and hippyshopper: Recycled fire bowl. Both of these …

  2. Justin says

    Perhaps, but an occasional open fire seems fine to me. I’m working on getting rid of my car instead.

  3. Paul says

    @ Trish: indeed. humankind would have been much better off if it had remained huddled at the dark end of the cave.

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