The Best 9V Rechargeable Battery


Low-self discharge 9v NiMH batteries have recently become available from Tenergy and Maha. Low-self discharge means these batteries will hold their charge for a year, unlike previous NiMH batteries. Update November 2012: Accupower has released a 300 mAh 9 Volt Rechargeable NiMH Battery — this currently the highest capacity rechargeable 9V. Ansmann has released a low-discharge 250 […]

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900 Lumen LED Bulb Released By G7 Power


A company called G7 has released a 900 lumen LED light bulb, which is selling for around $19. This warm white ( 3,000K) bulb runs on just 9W, and it is equivalent to a 65 watt incandescent bulb. It has a 75+ Color Rendering Index (CRI)  — quality household lights tend to have the CRI between 80 and […]

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