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treo.gifThere is a wide range of cell phones available today. Your choice is often narrowed by the fact that particular cell phones will only work with specific carriers. For example, if you buy a Nokia phone, it will only work with Cingular as the carrier.

As far as cell phone service is concerned, Verizon is top rated by these review sites: J.D. Power, Consumer Reports and Epinions. According to these reviewers, Verizon tops the field in terms of coverage and customer service.

One reason why you might not opt for Verizion as your carrier, is if you are a frequent traveler to Europe, Asia or Africa. Verizion uses a proprietary CDMA network for service, and you’ll find that other countries mostly use GSM networks instead (supported by T-Mobile and Cingular/AT&T).

If you are interested in the amount of radiation a cell phone emits, you can look up the “SAR” rating on this page from CNET. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), SAR or specific absorption rate is “a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body.”

Top-Rated Phones

motorola_phone.gifA highly rated phone with one of the lowest radiation levels is the Motorola MPx200. Reviewers like its inexpensive price (around $200), crisp display and speakerphone feature.

An advantage of “clamshell” style cell phones (such as this one) is that the screen is protected when the phone is not in use, and is thus less likely to be scratched. The battery life is only average on this phone though. Reviewed by PCWorld, DesignTechnica and CNET.

Available from: (Search for Motorola MPx200 Retailers)

Sony Ericsson K700Another phone that reviewers are currently recommending is the Sony Ericsson K700.

This phone is praised for its stylish exterior, clear screen, well designed menu navigation, speakphone feature and bluetooth support. The price is $300-$400.

Reviewed by Wired (Editors’ Pick), CNet (7.6/10) and Mobiledia.

Available from: (Search for Sony Ericsson K700 Retailers)


  1. says

    As an owner of the Mpx200, I would only recommend it for T-Mobile customers.

    It is a single band GSM phone and the 1800 (or so, can’t remember exactly) is only partially supported by Cingular/ATT, but should work well for T-Mobile. Cingular has standardized on the 850 (or so).

    Also the battery life is pretty poor compared to other models. Otherwise it is a great phone.

  2. zblmw says






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