The Best 18650 Batteries Of 2015


In a Nutshell

Our choice for the best 18650 battery is the Orbtronic cell. This battery has a high capacity (3100 mAh), and maintain their voltage until fully drained.

A two-pack of these cells is available at Amazon for around $30. Also available are Panasonic 18650 cells, with a bit more capacity (3400 mAh).

If you are looking for a good 18650 battery charger, I recommend this one: Tenergy 2-Channel 18650/14500 Li-ion Battery Charger (4.5 out of 5 stars from 97+ reviewers)

Full Details

18650 batteries are rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries, and we think they are underrated! They usually have nondescript names, and come in generic packaging. 18650 batteries are mainly used in power high-performance flashlights, laser pointers, vaporizers and electric cars likes the Telsa Roadster.

Orbtronics makes a 18650 battery with a capacity of  3100 mAh, with a 675 Wh/L in energy density. The battery uses Panasonic’s “NNP (Nickel Oxide New Platform) Technology” — this increases the performance of the battery by incorporating a positive electrode made of nickel. You can read all about  NNP Technology here (PDF file).

18650 Sizes and “Protected 18650s”

There has been a lot of confusion concerning the standard size of a 18650 battery. This is due to fact that some flashlight manufacturers like Nitecore produce flashlights that do not fit all 18650 batteries.

Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, LG are the top level 18650 cells manufacturers, and they make 18650 in the standard size, which is 18mm x 65mm.

Some third-party manufacturers, and companies in China make “protected” 18650 batteries, which incorporate a small circuit board, typically on the bottom of the battery, to stop overcharging and short circuiting. However, these batteries actually vary a bit from the standard 18650 size, and this becomes a problem when installing them in some equipment. However, standard “non-protected” batteries do not have this issue.

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  1. Jennifer Ang


    I’m looking to buy larger quantity of 18650 batteries for my product, please let me know the pricing. You can call me 408-889-3199.

    Thank you

    1. ANTI_SCAM

      The link you provided despite the FALSE title is not for the Sony Brand but rather a knock-off 2Pcs GOODFIRE Brand… This would lead one to believe you are affiliated with this brand and deliberately posted a false link. If not poor judgment was used in providing the link. Anyone purchasing the fakes whilst following your link is not going to be impressed with the GoodFire brand as they are well known to be of inferior quality, providing false maH ratings. Click on the picture, it clearly shows the true brand of these batteries.

      1. Lex Luthor

        1/10 troll Everything Anti_Scam said was wrong. Yes fake batteries from China with inflated stats flood the market, but no, these are FUNKING SONY brand.

  2. Rich S.

    For much more detailed information on Li-ion batteries go here.

    You can even compare different brands/models in a graphical manner,
    comparing run times at different current draws so you can select the right battery for your use.
    Ex: the Panasonic 3400mah 18650 is great for most uses but does not work well above 5A in high drain vaping (ecigs) or hi power single cell flashlights.

    Samsung 20R, 25R, 29E, LG HE2 and Sony Vtc 4 and 5 are excellent hi drain cells, but do your research first to get the right model, usually in the 2000-2600mah range.

    Highest capacity and highest supply current can’t be made, as of yet, in 1 battery.
    You usually trade 1 for the other.

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