The Best D-Size Rechargeable Batteries Of 2014


There are now a number of low-discharge D-size cells available. These cells are as powerful as powerful alkaline batteries, and they hold 85% of their charge for a year. The highest-capacity D-size rechargeable cells are rated at 11000-12000 mAh (milliamp hours).

Here are our recommendations:

The Highest Capacity D-Size Batteries: Powerex


The Powerex batteries pictured above are rated at 11,000 mAh, and they are good quality batteries. On Amazon, they get 4.9 out of 5 stars from 15 reviewers. They cost about $30 for a pack of two on Amazon. They are a good choice if you really need the maximum capacity from a D-size cell.

A similar product is the Maha Imedion battery, which offers a capacity of 9500 mAh. They priced slightly higher at around $34 for a two pack.

The Most Affordable D-Size Batteries: Tenergy

Tenergy D-Sized Rechargeable Batteries

Tenergy makes D-sized rechargeables which are rated at 10,000 mAh (milliamp hours). These batteries are about half the price of the Powerex batteries, but they offer a capacity of 10,000 mAh (milliamp hours). They are priced at about $36 for a pack of four cells. These batteries have the same low-discharge chemistry, and will hold most of their charge for a year.

The Worst D-Size Rechargeable Batteries

I don’t recommend getting Energizer D-Size rechargeables, because they are AA cells that have been repackaged in a D-sized shell!

The Best D-Size Battery Chargers

See our post The Best Chargers For C And D Sized Batteries.



  1. EfficiencySeeker says

    I can’t believe Eneloop doesn’t have their D size batteries in north America still. I guess there just isn’t enough of a market for them here?

  2. Benoit says

    Some infos are missing here for a truly complete test :

    the weight (in gr) of each brand battery ! Yes it does matter for comparing with some other brands that claims the same mAh but are lighter, ie: fraudulent (I know by experience).

    Next, you left out two other brands for the comparison :
    EBL® 10,000mAh (Amazon) @ $45/8
    – D Ni-MH 11,000mAh (eBay) (no name) @ $46/10

  3. tt says

    How are the no name11000mah D batteries from e-bay?(yellow,red sleeve, claim that they are made in Japan) Any thoughts? I was tempted to try them, but I have read of various fraudulent batteries, like the BTY AA,AAA’s that were complete junk and less capacity than a Ni-cad, and a Ultracell D battery that was really 4000MAH instead of the claimed 11000MAH. Also, the EBL sounds vaguely familiar to the Walmart and online brand I got once where the cell consistency was so bad, they were worthless for using in a multi cell application.

  4. says

    I fell for the ebay green C & D cells. After finding them near useless, I cut one each open: THE D CELL HAD LESS MATERIAL THAN A STD AA BATTERY! DITTO THE C WAS LIKE AN AAA!

    No wonder the 10ah D cell only was good for about 1000mah!

    Yes, weight told it all: the green D weighed same as a tenergy AA

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