La Mancha Experiments With Solar Concentrators


The land of La Mancha, made famous by Quixote and his windmills, is a sun-drenched, windy part of Spain. Fittingly, the region is a veritable experimental hot-house for solar concentrator installations. Many start-up companies are at work devising techniques of focusing light on a solar cell, in order to reduce the amount of silicon or other material needed to produce the cell. In La Mancha, they are trying out different types of solar concentrator technologies by incorporating different concentrators into various solar parks, with total capacity of 2.7 MW.

The companies contributing technology to the project are Solfocus (US, 500 KW), Concentrix (Germany, 500 KW), Isofoton (Spain, 700 KW) and Guascor Foton (Spain/US, 300 KW). The project is being organized by the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems.

Solar concentrator systems are experiencing a very interesting moment worldwide, with record gains in efficiency by Spectrolab (Boeing) and many companies taking their products to market. Spectrolab has an agreement with Solar Systems (Australia) to provide it with 500,000 concentrator solar cell assemblies to be used in remote rural communities.


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  1. Julio Vázquez Berber

    Nuestra Universida esta muy intesesada en la fabricación de celdas solares de alta eficiencia, tenemos planes para preparar a un grupo de profesores en este tema, nos agradaría saber si ustedes tiene programada cursos dee maestrias y doctorados, favor de cotizarnos el costo del equipo por medio del cual fuera posible su fabricación, o cuanto cuesta el equipo.

    gracias por su atención

    Ing. Julio Vázquez Berber

    el grupo de universidades es de 61 tecnológicos
    distribuidas en toda la Republica Mexicana.

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