The Best 9V Rechargeable Battery


Low-self discharge 9v NiMH batteries have recently become available from Tenergy and Maha. Low-self discharge means these batteries will hold their charge for a year, unlike previous NiMH batteries. Update November 2012: Accupower has released a 300 mAh 9 Volt Rechargeable NiMH Battery — this currently the highest capacity rechargeable 9V. Ansmann has released a low-discharge 250 […]

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The Best Rechargeable D Size Batteries & Chargers

Maha Power X Ultimate Battery Charger

The best rechargeable D size batteries are the new LSD Ni-MH (low self-discharge Nickel-Metal Hybride) cells. These new Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are able to retain a charge for a year, making them suitable for using in flashlights and other low-term applications. See also our full review of the Best AA Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers. 

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Personal Energy Generator Recharges Your Electronic Device While You Move

nPower Peg

The new nPower PEG (personal energy generator) by Tremont Electric wowed reviewers at the 2011 CES convention. This back-up hybrid charger allows you to keep your cell phone, iPod, or other hand-held device working while you’re on the go. By harnessing the kinetic energy that you produce through movement, then converting it into accessible power, […]

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The Best Battery Chargers (For D and C Size Batteries)

Energizer Universal Battery Charger

We briefly reviewed battery chargers in a previous post “The Best Rechargeable Batteries of 2013“. But let’s take a look at the best “Universal Battery Chargers”. These are chargers that can handle AAA, AA, C, D sized cells, and well as 9V cells.

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