Book Review: Field Guide To Sprawl (De-Metaefficient)

Who would have thought sprawl could be so entertaining? I guess its the combination of Dolores Hayden’s extensive collection of sprawl coinages and the aerial photography by Jim Wark that makes this book an intriguing coffetable read. By glancing through the pages you see examples of curious sprawl phenomena such as “Pork Chop Lots”, “Boomburb”, […]

“Biodiesel”: Book Review

Greg Pahl has just released a new book about Biodiesel. Pahl is the author of the informative book Natural Home Heating, which we featured previously. We like biodiesel because it a renewable fuel that can replace conventional diesel worldwide without the need for massive infrastructure change. Here is a review of the book: After setting […]

Book Review: Natural Capitalism

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Natural Capitalism is a book which dicusses similar ideas to those we present here at MetaEfficient. Written by Paul Hawken and Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the book starts off by explaining the authors’ theory of “natural capitalism”, but then it really picks up and provides a fascinating and well-referenced examination […]