Efficient Materials: Tube+9 Lounge Chair

The Tube+9 Lounge chair was designed with the user, environment, and budget in mind while maintaining a modern of the times feel and appearance. This chair achieves this by using materials that are either recycled or recyclable. The frame is constructed from a 3′x4′ sheet of plywood cut into 1/8″ strips, laminated and formed from […]

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Affordable & Sustainable: Seagrass Chair

This low-profile chair is handwoven by Indonesian artisans out of renewable, fast-growing seagrass and includes a tufted cushion with an unbleached cotton blend cover. The frame is made of locally harvested Mango Wood with a clea, water-based lacquer finish. Available for $199 from Hanson Products

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Almost Meta-Efficient: Multifunctional Illuminated Furniture

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The furniture featured here is definitely multifunctional, serving both as a lamp and as a table or chair. It is however, too expensive to be meta-efficient. The chairs below are priced at $2850 and the tables above go for $650-999. The ideas are intriguing though, and if built with eco-effective materials, would qualify as being […]

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