Optimal: Making Manufacturing Processes Transparent: Patagonia

Patagonia is really a leader in effective, green manufacturing. Now the company is making its manufacturing processes as transparent as possible. Patagonia has created a web site called the Footprint Chronicles, where you can track the eco “footprint” of several pieces of Patagonian clothing. Also listed in the amount of waste and CO2 generated as […]

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Women’s Top: 100% Tencel

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This women’s top cross-front is by Liz Clairborne and is made of 100% Tencel. Tencel is an environmentally sound fabric produced from wood-pulp, which is twisted or spun into yarns, and then woven or knitted into fabrics and garments. Travelers often use Tencel clothing because of its resistance to wrinkles. Tencel is the brand name […]

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