LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Xmas Tree Lighting

LED Christmas lights are efficient — they use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are also brighter, less prone to breaking, and cool to the touch. Less optimal is the fact that almost all Christmas lights are made in China using questionable labor practices, and then transported half way around the world. You can […]

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Nau: Eco-Effective Outdoor Clothing

Good news: Nau just opened their online store. Nau is a company that uses only eco-effective materials to construct their clothing, including a number of materials that they developed themselves from the ground up. Nau also closely monitors the production process of the clothing, to ensure good labor practices and environmental standards. Via Groovy Green

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Bamboo Flatware Tray by Bambu

This attractive tray is made from 100% organically-grown bamboo, held together with non-toxic adhesive, and finished with natural, food-safe wood oil. It’s by Bambu, a company that is committed to environmental protection and fair labor practices in China. They also ensure worker health and safety measures, and fund third-party auditing. Available from Branch for $32. […]

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Earth Speaks: Eco-Effective Clothing

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The Mandarin Jacket to the right is made from 60% hemp, 25% Wool, 15% Yak with 100% silk lining. The colors are produced by fiber-reactive dyes. This dying process creates glowing colors, which slightly differ, making each garment unique. Created by designer Bi Li, Earth Speaks combines pure fashion with a strong commitment to the […]

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