WindSpire: An Attractive Wind Turbine For The Home

A Nevadan company, Mariah Power, has launched a unique wind turbine for the home, called the WindSpire. The turbine is rated at 1 kilowatt, and it has a thin design — it’s only two feet wide, but 20 feet tall (see a photo here). The color is also customizable — suggested colors are: Milky White, […]

Aerorider: A Sporty Electric Trike

From Amsterdam comes this sleek and aerodynamic electric trike. The Aerorider is a fully enclosed (and ventilated) semi-recumbent trike that comes an electric-assist drive. It has a 28 mph cruise speed, and the ability to overcome hills without breaking into a sweat. The single bucket seat supports your entire body placing you in a position […]

The “iO-X 750″ Electric Bicycle

The iO-X is a cruiser-style electric bike. It uses the power and torque of the WaveCrest adaptive motor, which harnesses regenerative braking power. It has two power modes. In economy mode, it runs at a 20 mph speed limit and full regenerative capabilities. A quick switch to X TURBO provides speeds of up to 25 […]

The LashOut Bike (600 watt)

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Top speed: 18 mph (23 mph for 24V model) Range: 12 miles Notes from Manufacturer: Attractive and well-built, the Lash Out is a new full suspension scooter that provides an ultra smooth ride. An all aluminum chassis with impeccable attention to detail is covered by a brushed aluminum deck with slip resistant grip tape. Ample […]