Efficient Fan Used to Cool Boating Dog

If you look closely you can see a dog being cooled by this Endless Breeze fan. These portable 12V fans plug into a cigarette-lighter style plug. They only draw 2.58 Amps when on high speed. See more info here. They are available from Amazon for $60. Thanks for the photo Brenda.

Shafer: A Sustainable Vineyard

Shafer Vineyards practice organic and sustainable harvesting. They are also Napa’s first 100% solar powered winery. Organic Style and Wine Spectator liked their Firebreak 2001 offering. Donna Binder, co-owner of Counter, a hot Manhattan vegertarian restaurant and wine bar, says it is “A real crowd-pleaser, Firebreak has aromas of spicy black pepper, black currant and dark plum that pair well …