Efficient Source of Herbs: Mountain Rose

Dulse Flakes

When it comes to living well and feeling your best, few things have a larger impact than taking care of your body. But finding the purest, most organic and efficient nutrition for your body — to take care of it inside and out — can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, there’s Mountain Rose Herbs, a […]

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Biodegradable Dish Scrubbers and Brushes

Made from thin ribbons of fine-grit sandpaper, these biodegradable scrubbers come from Japan. They are called “Sandclean Scrubbers” and they are said to outperform regular sponges and steel wool. They are quite durable and do not beak apart. They work well on tea or coffee stains in teapots and cups. Also shown here is a […]

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Hyperoptimal Tea: Mate

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Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a shrub from the holly family, native to South America, whose leaves are dried and made into a tea. It is very popular in South American, where it is consumed in a similar way to coffee or black tea. Yerba Mate is known for its effects of sustained energy, mood […]

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