Chicago’s Green Alley Initiative

Permeable Paving Materials (photo: Chicago DOT)

Urban alleyways. Grubby places that only scrappy cats or cop-show perps could love, right? Not in Chicago, where the Department of Transportation is giving them some serious TLC with its recently implemented Green Alley Program. This city-wide renovation initiative will offer some surprising environmental benefits and improve quality of life for residents.

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Not Efficient: Pharmaceutical Drugs Found In Rivers, Tap Water

A variety of pharmaceuticals have been found to be present in rivers and tap water in the U.S. The drugs include painkillers, tranquilizers, anti-depressants, antibiotics, birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapies, chemotherapy agents, anti-seizure medications and many others. The pharmaceuticals are found in treated sewage effluents, surface waters, soil, and tap water, though at very […]

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