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Sony WEGA KV-27FS120 TVThe best television reviews can be found on Consumer Reports (subscription required) and CNET. Shown here is Sony’s WEGA KV-27FS120 television. It received the highest marks from reviewers for its sound and picture quality, especially in 16:9 enhanced mode. It has a flat picture tube to minimize glare. It’s a bit more expensive (about $300) than comparable sets, but according to reviewers, the quality of the set make it worthwhile.

Also receiving high rating were Toshiba TVs, specifically the Toshiba 27A45 27″ (about $215) and Toshiba 32A35 32″ (about $360). These televisions also received praise for their sound and picture quality. Unlike the Sony TV, they do not have a flat picture tube. Reviews also noted that Toshiba sets have virtual surround sound and StableSound which evens out the volume between commercials and TV shows.

Other TVs that received high ratings were: Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-30HS420 and Sony XBR KD-34XBR960.


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    How are these TV’s most efficient? Does their production minimize waste, do the manufacturers use low-impact manufacturing, or take old TVs back?

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