Computer Microscope: QX5

Computer Microscope: QX5The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the QX5 digital microscope, costing only $89 and marketed to kids, is being used by scientists, doctors and researchers.

The microscope costs less than one-tenth of its professional-grade counterparts. Created by Digital Blue, the microscope comes with a powerful lens and can be used to send images over the internet. It connects to a computer running Windows using a USB port.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Andrew Westphal, an astrophysicist at the University of California at Berkeley, says he was recently able to examine some microscopic dust from outer space with the help of the RX5′s plastic lens. That is because a conventional microscope’s glass lens would have suffered from the hydrofluoric acid used to separate the particles from other elements. “Had it not been for the toy, we would have been at a loss,” he says.

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Microscope Home Page: Digital Blue

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