Highly Efficient “Kid Friendly” Trains


I’ve never been on a train like this. Here are two superbly designed trains from Japan, that take the idea of ‘child-friendly public transport’ to the next level. Designed by Eiji Mitooka, the two trains seen here are the ‘Omoden’ (toy train) and ‘Ichigo Ec’ (strawberry train). They are a couple of regional trains which travel on a daily basis on the 14.3km Kishigawa line in Japan.


The Japanese are intent on making train travel a more comfortable experience for everyone, women and children especially. Both trains contain hundreds of toys, TV screens showing cartoons, immaculately clean wooden flooring and cots for younger children.



Here is a video of the train’s interior:

YouTube Preview Image

Via: DeputyDog


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    It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your government isn’t disregarding climate issues. I think this is a perfect example of the economic explosion that would be experienced with a shift to efficient green solutions.

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