Most Efficient Water Cleaner: Terra Cotta Gravity Water Filter and Cooler


Here is another efficient ceramic water filter. This gravity filter has a hand-made terracotta base, which cools the water using natural convention.

We consider it metaefficient because: its has excellent filtration, and a very long filter life (years). Also, the terracotta doesn’t leach contaminants into the water, and it keeps the water cool without needing external energy.

It’s available from Epic for $139.

See also these similar ones on Ebay: ceramic filter and gravity filters.

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  1. Porco na Lama

    This is the water filter used in Brazil.
    All house in Brazil have this filter and I don´t know why in US we don´t have it.
    Brazilians know how to use water… no adding stuff…

  2. sean defeudis

    Great website. Thanks.

    “Oh, no, Captain Kirk, in the future we’re all Ph.d’s and computer scientists,” popping grape into mouth at a outing~shire type location, “We just choose to keep all our high tech below ground.”

    Episode whatever.

  3. james

    Ty good information !
    I have made a homemade drinking water filter from 2 1/4 inch pvc
    so far i used cotton balls, cotton face swabs and cotton batten from aquarium store to pre-filter in the pipe before it goes to the main GAC filter, i bought the GAC at walmart in their fish aquarium section and its larger than sand but smaller than gravel type.
    IS this ok for a good drinking filter, and can you advise me whats best materials i can use ( should the type of GAC be small sand like size>)

    1. Tomás Rosa Bueno

      I drank water from earthen gravity filters all my life. It’s always cool and has a very light mountain-creek-water aftertaste. Perfect for delicate hot drinks such as good tea and good coffee.

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